Code of Conduct

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Introductory note

GoFox, since its foundation in 2011, has always made efforts to develop its activity based on standards of integrity, transparency, honesty, professional ethics and respect for others, the environment, and compliance with legislation. Once here, and because nothing is built without growth, it is imperative to honor your legacy to empower your future.

Thus, as part of the process of investment, growth and evolution and aware that each of us plays a fundamental role within the organization. The cultural perception of the lines that move GoFox can generate challenges and lack of knowledge. It is, therefore, GoFox`s responsibility to promote and ensure compliance with the ethical principles and values that characterize the identity of the organization we defend and represent.

The guidelines defined in this document therefore represent a commitment shared by GoFox. This document is intended for all employees and unequivocal knowledge of it is imperative. The objective is to result in the incorporation of these principles into your daily professional life and promote the dissemination of guidelines within the organization, contributing daily and positively to improving the efficiency and quality of the guidelines described.

Without proper awareness, freedom is dangerous - SADHGURU


Mission, Values and Vision

Although it may seem logical and common sense, it is imperative to have clear knowledge of GoFox`s Mission, Values and Vision so that, as members of the organization, we can contribute in a synchronized and identified way with the basic premise of what GoFox is. .


Contribute to the development and innovation of organizations and people at a technological level, increasing their business capacity through the provision of services and the development of technologically advanced digital solutions.


Excellence - Always deliver the best solution with excellence, taking into account the restrictions imposed, even if it means having to refuse. GoFox`s work is its best advertising. Be aware of limitations without letting yourself be limited by them;

Collaboration - Working with the client and not for the client. The work is not finished with the delivery of the product/service. Completing a piece of work does not preclude subsequent support and collaboration;

Dynamic - Ability to adapt to different cultures and work processes. Value the ability to accept new technologies, concepts and work processes without prejudice;


GoFox is committed to its vision of continuing its expansion across international markets, without neglecting the national market, where GoFox reinforces its status as a national reference and, consequently, finds itself increasingly requested by companies/brands with needs and more complex and demanding challenges.



This Code of Conduct defines ethical standards for all employees, regardless of their hierarchical level, with everyone expected and encouraged to act in accordance with the organization`s fundamental principles and values.

It is also intended that these guiding principles are known and adopted by all those who collaborate or interact with us, namely suppliers, service providers and partners.


Professionalism and attendance

Employees must commit to fulfilling the tasks within the scope of their professional activity with the greatest rigor, zeal and competence, acting in defense of the organization`s interests, always being guided by scrupulous compliance with the laws and internal procedures applicable to the organization. your activity.

Our organization emphasizes personal responsibility and professionalism among its employees. However, it assumes as an essential rule for all its employees the duty of attendance and respect for working hours.

Without prejudice to recording attendance using the means made available by the company, the employee must communicate as far in advance as possible to their manager any and all situations that compromise compliance with working hours, providing the necessary justifications.



The information obtained at the service of GoFox is privileged information and can only be used by employees in the exercise of their functions, and cannot be used to obtain advantages for themselves or third parties.

Therefore, for the duration of your relationship with GoFox and up to two years after that relationship, you must maintain absolute confidentiality regarding any information relating to GoFox or any other information (natural or legal persons) that relates to them, namely:

1. Personal data or other data considered privileged;

2. Information about business opportunities or ongoing businesses;

3. Information on technical skills, work methods and project management developed by GoFox;

4. Information relating to any projects or products carried out or under development, knowledge of which is limited to GoFox employees in the exercise of their functions or by virtue of them.


Integrity and loyalty

The organization`s employees must adopt suitable and dignified behavior, safeguarding the prestige of the company, its customers and its brands.

Employees must refrain from any practices that may raise doubts regarding the ethics of their behavior, particularly regarding offers to or from third parties. Offers received from third parties, including bonuses, gifts or participation in events must be communicated to management. All offers from third parties must be refused if there is evidence that they could lead to unethical behavior on the part of the offerers or employees of the organization.



The organization seeks to provide training, guidance and/or advice appropriate to the performance and improvement of the professional activity of its employees, the development of their skills and the promotion of their safety.

Employees must also continually seek to update their knowledge and skills, with a view to maintaining or improving their professional capabilities and improving the functions they perform, both on their own initiative and by attending training sessions. proposed by the organization, whenever possible.



In relationships with third parties, employees must remain loyal to GoFox and look after its interests, refraining from getting involved in activities that compete, directly or indirectly, with those carried out by the organization.


Equal opportunities, discrimination and harassment

The organization respects the principle of equal opportunities and does not differentiate based on factors that are not related to individual professional performance.

Any forms of individual discrimination that are incompatible with the dignity of the person are not admissible, namely due to origin, ethnicity, sex, age, political conviction, social class, religious confession, sexual orientation, disability or any other. Any conduct characterized as sexual harassment, moral harassment, mobbing, abuse of power or other behaviors that jeopardize the normal dignity of the human person and behaviors contrary to normal practices are also not tolerated.

Mutual respect must be demonstrated between employees and an integrative work environment must be promoted.

Any abusive behavior that attacks others is not permitted and the right to privacy must be respected.


Consumption of alcoholic beverages, tobacco and drugs

GoFox does not allow its employees to be under the influence of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs during their workday or in the work environment. The organization reserves the right to monitor the consumption of these substances during working hours in order to comply with safety, hygiene and health at work requirements.

Smoking is strictly prohibited on company premises, whether in offices, corridors, bathrooms, social areas, cafeterias, vehicles, etc. belonging to the organization.


Extra-professional activities

Extra-professional activities are not permitted during working hours that jeopardize productivity or the performance of your professional activity, including the following:

1. Personal telephone calls that are not urgent;

2. Use of the internet and social networks for purposes other than those of the activity;

3. Excessive and/or long breaks.


Protection of company assets and natural resources

All employees must respect and protect the organization`s assets (movable and immovable) and not allow third parties to use them, unless duly authorized by management.

Space belongs to everyone and as such must be respected. Therefore, employees must ensure the conservation and cleanliness of the company`s facilities. In addition, each individual space must be organized and all objects unnecessary to the practice of professional activity must be properly stored in drawers or storage boxes.

Employees who have been entrusted with company assets for the exercise of their professional activity must ensure their proper use and conservation. These must not be used for personal benefit or without being removed or borrowed from the premises for use at home, unless duly authorized by management.

The goods made available to employees must be used exclusively for the purposes for which they are intended, respecting safety standards in order to prevent the occurrence of accidents as well as the occurrence of personal and material damage.

It is strictly prohibited to invite or remain outsiders in all GoFox facilities, including corridors, meeting rooms or circulation spaces, other than those strictly necessary for meeting reasons, without due authorization.


It is strictly prohibited to request delivery of orders for personal purposes to the GoFox address, without due authorization.

All employees performing their duties must also make efforts to minimize the consumption of natural resources, thus contributing to mitigating the environmental impact resulting from the company`s activities.


Image, appearance and hygiene

All employees in the performance of their professional duties represent the organization, and must therefore take care of their appearance in order to preserve that same image.

Employees who are assigned uniforms to carry out their duties must wear them without exception whenever requested to work for the company and ensure that they are in good hygiene and presentation conditions. Whenever the uniform appears to be deteriorated, this must be reported to management.

The use of uniforms is not permitted in personal situations, such as parties or events prone to possible exaggerations that could tarnish GoFox`s image.


Use of computer and communications equipment

Computers, mobile devices, software and other technological equipment or services related to information and communication technology must be used taking into account the following rules:

1. You must not access, store images, texts or materials deliberately that promote violence, hatred or religious intolerance or any other characteristic protected by law;

2. Install or use unauthorized or prohibited software;

3. Equipment and devices must be maintained in good working order;

4. The email address granted by GoFox to its employees must be used exclusively for professional purposes.

Personal data protection

GoFox processes the personal data of its employees, customers and other interested parties, adopting the best technical and organizational measures to ensure data security and compliance with applicable legislation. Employees who process personal data in the performance of their duties must comply with the implemented procedures, and, in case of doubt, contact the DPO via email:


Employees’ internet activity (social networks)

GoFox promotes and communicates with customers and other interested parties on the internet through its website, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, X and other platforms and social networks. Employees who use the social networks mentioned above or others must refrain from intervening or making any contacts in the name or on behalf of GoFox, except in previously authorized cases.

Employees who wish to intervene or express their opinion directly and personally on matters related to GoFox must do so with management, refraining from engaging in any type of conduct on the internet or social media that is susceptible to denigrate the image of the organization, its customers or other interested parties.


Relationship with colleagues

It is the duty of all employees to contribute to the existence of a good working environment and team spirit and mutual assistance in the organization. Relationships between employees must be based on friendliness and respect for others. Inappropriate conduct, namely the adoption of behavior that causes disturbance or embarrassment to employees, compromising their dignity or promoting an intimidating or destabilizing environment, will be subject to disciplinary proceedings.


Conflict of interest

Whenever, in the exercise of their activity, employees are called upon to intervene in decision-making processes that, directly or indirectly, involve entities with which they collaborate or have collaborated, or people to whom they are linked by family ties, they must communicate management the existence of such relationships.

In the same way, employees who have family or similar relationships with each other must be communicated to management and must not, unless authorized by management, carry out their activity, internally, in a hierarchical relationship or with direct functional dependence.



Customer relations

Employees must demonstrate professionalism, respect and cordiality in their relationships with customers, seeking to ensure equal treatment and acting to provide a quality, effective and efficient service and convey the best image of GoFox abroad. GoFox employees must ensure compliance with the agreed conditions regarding the quality of the service and its guarantees and treat complaints received diligently. Complaints made by GoFox customers, regardless of the form used (in person, letter, fax, e-mail, telephone, etc.), are forwarded to the customer/project manager. All complaints addressed to GoFox are analyzed and must be responded to as quickly as possible. Seconded employees must ensure an effective and efficient response to complaints by acting immediately, upon receipt of the complaint, in order to promote its adequate resolution and the preparation of the respective response.


Relationship with suppliers

Employees must demonstrate professionalism, respect and cordiality in their relationships with suppliers, seeking to ensure equal treatment. GoFox and its employees must honor commitments made with suppliers or service providers and verify compliance by suppliers with contractually defined requirements. Contracts must be written clearly and without ambiguity and in strict compliance with the rules regarding the confidentiality of information. Situations of possible conflicts of interest must be verified and safeguarded. Any GoFox employee must never receive any amount, offer or advantage from any supplier directly or indirectly, other than symbolic offers that are previously approved by management.


Relationship with competitors

GoFox encourages the development of its activity in an active, competent and ethical way, based on the merit and quality of its offer. GoFox and its collaborators cannot execute any agreements that could restrict competition, particularly through sharing or price-fixing agreements, and must respect property rights, both material and intellectual. Employees must compete in an open market, in the most vigorous and constructive way possible, renouncing activities that distort competition, abusive conditions and discriminatory practices.


Relationship with social media

Employees can only make public statements, give interviews (namely to media outlets) and intervene in any type of demonstrations that may involve GoFox when authorized by management.


Violation of code of conduct

GoFox employees are obliged to respect and comply with the guiding principles defined in this code. Disrespect or violation of the ethical standards set forth herein is subject to disciplinary action, without prejudice to applicable criminal, civil and administrative proceedings.

GoFox employees also have the obligation to report any violation of these principles of which they are witnesses. This communication must be made to management.

The organization guarantees that it will use all the instruments at its disposal to quickly and rigorously investigate the facts subject to the complaint, guaranteeing the confidentiality of the information and the seriousness of its treatment.


Final note

GoFox counts on everyone`s collaboration in adopting ethical conduct, based on the principles and values promoted by this code.

This document has a comprehensive proposal, but does not cover all situations that may occur in day-to-day professional life. For this reason, in case of any doubts regarding compliance with the provisions set out in this code, or any ethical issue, you must inform management.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. - STEVE JOBS


Term, changes and updates

This code comes into force immediately upon its publication.

In carrying out your activity, any and all needs to change, temporarily suspend or even eliminate guidelines contained in this document must be requested and authorized by management.

The provisions contained in this code are subject to changes and updates that are considered appropriate in light of the evolution of GoFox`s business or as a result of possible changes to applicable legal regulations.




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