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E-Commerce Solution focused on sales.


An Online Store (e-Commerce) for people.

The GoStore (e-Commerce System) is an Online Store that was completely designed and drawn from scratch by the team based on the GoSite with very similar goals, correcting the shortcomings in the existing solutions in the market, these solutions, complex and above all, difficult to be understood by the people who manage them. The GoStore was designed to think like people and be productively interpreted by technology, its an online platform used to create, edit, remove and manage contents (texts, images, documents, videos, etc.) like the GoSite and with all the catalog management features that an e-commerce needs, in a simple, quick and organized allowing the website to be explored and maintained with ease.

GoStore is an easy to use and low cost e-Commerce platform, its integration process is optimized and allows you to have a pre-structured technological advanced website with basic features of navigability and usability optimized for Mobile and Search Engines (SEO), thus reaching potential buyers without much effort. You can also easily integrate payment systems for more effective sales process.

With GoStore you’ll have complete autonomy over your website content and evolution of web presence reducing maintenance costs and dependencies. The management and maintenance with GoStore is available to anyone even if it has no technical expertise.

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