Our innovation
policy and strategy

  • At GoFox, innovation is the driving force that enables us to turn challenges into opportunities and generate sustainable value for our customers and partners. The continuous commitment to sustainable digital transformation and transition is more than ever mandatory, it is based on these principles.
  • Investment <br />in R&D

    in R&D

    We allocate significant resources to areas such as research and development, which are essential to evolution, ensuring that our team has the necessary tools and support to explore and develop new ideas.
  • Strategic <br />partnerships


    We collaborate with universities, companies and other organizations to share and expand knowledge and identify opportunities for innovation and joint evolution with common goals, trust and loyalty.
  • Culture <br />of innovation

    of innovation

    We promote a thriving environment where creativity and innovation are encouraged, valuing the contribution of all the team and partners involved. Innovating, evolving and improving are part of the everyday life at GoFox.
  • Knowledge <br/>management


    We encourage continuous learning and the dissemination of knowledge, ensuring that best practices are documented and shared among the entire team, promoting the constant exchange of experiences and insights.
  • Process evaluation <br/>and optimization

    Process evaluation
    and optimization

    We analyze each step to identify improvements, eliminate inefficiencies and implement corrective actions. Evaluating and optimizing processes is essential to increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of operations.
  • Environmental <br />responsibility


    We develop innovative solutions that promote environmental sustainability, using technology responsibly in the service of a greener future, contributing to the lowest possible environmental impact.
  • Social <br />responsibility


    We implement programs and initiatives focused on the well-being of the team, promoting social inclusion and aligning with our values of ethics and solidarity, seeking to create a welcoming and fair working environment.
  • Recognition <br />and reward

    and reward

    We value and reward the innovative efforts of our employees, encouraging excellence and creativity to promote joint growth, increasing the success of the company and the success of each team member.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Used to create more intelligent systems that can learn and adapt autonomously.


Internet of Things (IoT)

Connecting devices and sensors to the internet, allowing data to be collected, interpreted and exchanged.



Centralized or decentralized distributed registry technology that offers greater security and transparency.


Cloud Computing

Facilitates access to computing resources with more processing capacity and scalability.


Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)

They create immersive experiences for users by focusing on a more human user experience.



Improved techniques to protect data and systems against growing threats.


Quantum computing

Getting the most out of technology and solving complex problems with greater speed and capacity.


Low-code/no-code development

Platforms that allow you to create different applications with little or no code.


Robotic process automation (RPA)

Automation of repetitive and administrative tasks and/or processes, optimized and monitored.


Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Optimized web applications that offer experiences similar to native apps, with fast loading.

We are committed to continuous innovation to ensure that GoFox remains at the forefront of digital technologies and solutions, contributing to the technological and sustainable progress of society, while maintaining the ability to accept new technologies, concepts and work processes without prejudice and without compromising innovation.

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