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Consulting and strategic planning based on needs and goals.


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It is essential that at the beginning of the project we collect from the customer the most amount of information possible about the object under analysis, as well as describing and identifying existing variables in a given circumstance, it may sometimes suffice to answer questions such as: what, who, where and when, which engages in certain circumstance, factors and events that seem to be associated.

Each case requires a methodological approach that best unmounts the problem and subsequent resolution, the team reviews the initial data and lists all hypotheses (ideas / observations devoid of any personal concepts / preconceived ideas, so that they are as unbiased as possible) for a final solution, feasible or not, will jointly validated through experimentation and observation of their most viable solutions according to the reality of the project.

Consultancy and Strategy involve

  • Audit and Consulting
  • Preliminary Studies
  • Specification Documents
  • Technical Documentation
  • Web Position Evaluation
  • Global Brand Evaluation
  • Investigation and Technological Innovation
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Trend Analysis
  • KPI’s definition
  • Conception and Prototyping


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