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Terms and Conditions

All the information about theTerms and Conditions of GoFox.

GoFox - Information Technologies assumes that by purchasing any service, you acknowledge and accept the Terms and Conditions posted here.




Our hosting services can not serve as intermediates in the practice of illegal activities which are strictly prohibited in any form, housing xenophobic content, illegal downloads, cracks, serials, trackers, pornographic and other content that violates copyrights defined in accordance with the Portuguese law. Under no circumstances you can use our service as an intermediary in sending mass emails. It is also forbidden to install TeamSpeak packages or systems in subscribed hosting accounts.

Installation and management of all applications and scripts on your hosting account are the responsibility of the client, this may not require to be done by the installer or administrative people of GoFox - Information Technologies. However, this does not mean that we can not support sporadically in small and simple questions. GoFox - Information Technologies may also consider any time, other parameters incurred against our policy .

Abusive use

Everytime GoFox - Information Technologies thinks that your site is jeopardizing the proper functioning of our servers for reasons of excessive consumption on your hosting account, we have the right to suspend your service without notice. This ensures that our physical resources maintain its stability and reliability. In the case of attempt to overload, misuse of resources or damage to our servers, we have the right to immediately suspend your hosting account without any prior notice and may even, in extreme cases, result in cancellation of the same without any refund .

The servers of GoFox - Information Technologies can not be the source or intermediaries in the transmission of "SPAM". It is considered "SPAM", all emails, unsolicited whose targets are personal or corporate e-mail, newsgroups or other groups of dispersion methods that are not allowed .

If your hosting account is involved in activities of "SPAM", GoFox - Information Technologies reserves the right to cancel it without notice and no refund .

Prices and Duration

GoFox - Information Technologies provides price lists, along with the duration of each service in the respective informative menus and automatic e-mail subscriptions.

After validation of the payment, the activation will be proceeded and an e-mail will be send to confirm the activation of the service along with the expiration date.

Services Renewal

Notification of renewal payment for services is always sent by email, a first time, fifteen days and a second time with five days prior to the expiration date, if we discover that the payment was not made, your account shall be suspended immediately and your account will be deleted and its not our responsibility for any loss of data. It is clear that GoFox - Information Technologies has no responsibility in generating and saving backups after the expiration date and in the case a backup exists, additional costs may occur to recover the backup.

Migration to other servers/service providers

GoFox - Information Technologies shall not be liable for any anomalies in its services after the migration and / or transfer to a third party server/service provider.



Os nossos serviços de alojamento não podem servir como intermediários na prática de atividades ilícitas, é estritamente proibido, de qualquer forma, alojar conteúdos xenófobos, downloads ilegais, cracks, serials, trackers, conteúdos pornográficos e outros conteúdos que violem os direitos de autor definidos em conformidade com a Lei Portuguesa. Em nenhuma circunstância poderá usar o nosso serviço como intermediário no envio massivo de e-mails. É também proibida a instalação de pacotes ou sistemas de TeamSpeak nas contas de alojamento subscritas.

A instalação e gestão de todas as aplicações e scripts na sua conta de alojamento são da inteira responsabilidade do cliente, não podendo este, exigir que tal seja feito da parte do corpo técnico ou administrativo da GoFox – Tecnologias de Informação Unipessoal, lda.. Contudo, isto não significa que esporadicamente não o possamos apoiar em pequenas e simples questões. A GoFox – Tecnologias de Informação Unipessoal, lda. poderá ainda considerar a qualquer momento, outros parâmetros que incorram contra a nossa política.

Utilização Abusiva

Sempre que a GoFox – Tecnologias de Informação Unipessoal, lda. verificar que o seu site esteja a pôr em causa o bom funcionamento dos nossos servidores por motivos de consumo excessivo na sua conta de alojamento, vê-se no direito de suspender a mesma sem qualquer aviso prévio. Esta medida serve para garantir que os nossos recursos físicos mantenham a sua estabilidade e fiabilidade. No caso de tentativa de sobrecarga, uso abusivo de recursos ou danos nos nossos servidores, temos o direito de suspender imediatamente a sua conta de alojamento sem qualquer aviso prévio, podendo ainda, em casos extremos, resultar no cancelamento da mesma sem qualquer reembolso.

Os servidores da GoFox – Tecnologias de Informação Unipessoal, lda. não podem ser origem ou intermediários na transmissão de "SPAM". É considerado "SPAM", todos os e-mails, não solicitados cujos alvos sejam e-mails pessoais ou empresariais, grupos de newsgroup ou outros métodos de dispersão não autorizados.

Caso a sua conta de alojamento esteja envolvida em actividades de "SPAM", a GoFox – Tecnologias de Informação Unipessoal, lda., reserva para si o direito de cancelar a mesma, sem aviso prévio e qualquer reembolso.

Preços e Duração

A GoFox – Tecnologias de Informação Unipessoal, lda. disponibiliza as tabelas de preços, juntamente com a duração de cada serviço nos respetivos menus informativos e nos e-mails automáticos de subscrição.

Após devida validação do pagamento, procedemos a ativação do serviço solicitado e respectivo envio de e-mail a confirmar a ativação do mesmo juntamente com a data de expiração.

Renovação de Serviços

A notificação de pagamento da renovação dos serviços é sempre enviada por e-mail, uma primeira vez, com trinta dias, uma segunda vez, com quinze e uma terceira vez, com um dia de antecedência da data de expiração, se verificarmos que o pagamento não for efetuado, a sua conta será imediatamente suspensa, a sua conta será eliminada não sendo da nossa responsabilidade eventuais perdas de dados. Apesar de a GoFox - Tecnologias de Informação Unipessoal, Lda. não ter a responsabildiade de guardar backups depois do serviço expirado, pode acontecer que por motivos de salvaguarda os tenha. A reposição de backups, tem custos associados, variáveis com base na intervenção necessária.

Migração para servidores/entidades terceiras

A GoFox – Tecnologias de Informação Unipessoal, lda. não poderá ser responsabilizada por qualquer anomalia detectada nos seus serviços após a migração e/ou transferência para servidores/entidades terceiras.

Intellectual property and rights

GoFox – Tecnologias de Informação Unipessoal, lda. maintains all rights and intellectual property on the developed and comercialized solutions. Their reproduction and resale is strictly prohibited without prior written authorization.


GoFox - Information Technologies may suspend any services, where this is absolutely necessary or something unpredictably happens for scheduled basis . GoFox - Information Technologies shall not be liable for damages resulting from breach of service and will be as quick as possible to resolve the situation.

Any possible infringement of any topic mentioned herein by the subscriber may result in suspension of service without any prior justification. In cases of higher attenuation, it can resort to judicial authorities to rectify the situation .

GoFox - Information Technologies shall not be liable for damages resulting from force majeure situations . Among them, also any extraordinary or unpredictable situations of unknown nature to GoFox - Information Technology.

GoFox - Information Technologies reserves the right to suspend any service if any of the conditions mentioned in this document are not met and is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by any suspension of service due to a failure by the customer .

Methods of Payment

The payment methods that are currently accepted are bank transfer, check or postal order, subscribed services will be activated once we have confirmation that it has been properly validated. In order to validate your payment you’ll always need to be identified along with the submission of payment proof via email.


All data povided by subscribing any service, shall be true and indubitable. GoFox - Information Technologies sees the right to refuse services if your data is not true and complete. Your data will only be used by staff of GoFox - Information Technologies being safeguarded with the utmost secrecy. In no way, you data will be disclosed to third parties or used for advertising purposes. These data will be made ??available to others for legal reasons or that are defined in accordance with the law.

How and for what purposes is your personal data used?

GoFox - Information Technologies uses the information collected to facilitate customer management, for historical and statistical purposes, legal obligations, quality of service control and for future contacts. We use the information collected to tailor our products and services to our customers, to send information, promotions via email, SMS or phone call. This communication relates to our products or products from partners with whom we have an agreement and does not constitute a legal or contractual obligation.

There are no consequences for those who do not provide them.

Who is responsible for the information?

GoFox - Information Technologies is responsible for the collected data that is processed by computer. To ensure the security of your data and maximum confidentiality, we treat the information you have provided to us in an absolutely confidential manner, in accordance with our internal security and confidentiality policies and procedures and do not share your data with third parties for commercial purposes. There may be automated decisions, such as the definition of profiles, in order to better adapt our offer to the needs of our customers based on their interests, services and products purchased.

The data subject can submit a complaint to the supervisory authority - the National Data Protection Commission.

Who can I contact to access, rectify or delete the data?

Our customers and visitors have different privacy concerns and can at any time review, update and decide what kind of data they want to see stored. The person in charge of the data can be contacted directly through the email info@gofox.pt or by mail to GoFox - Information Technologies, Rua de Fundões nº151, 3700-121 São João da Madeira, who can request the at any time the copy of the data that concerns you, the withdrawal of consent, the rectification, erasure, limitation, portability and opposition to the treatment of the same. On our website they can remove the account without any necessary justification. The subsequent withdrawal of consent does not compromise the legality of the treatment carried out based on this consent.

How long is the data stored for?

Personal data are kept until the purpose for which they are used has been exhausted, being eliminated 2 years after the last interaction of the customer with our services or products, or, while the customer benefits from a service or product from GoFox - Tecnologia de Informação Unipessoal , lda., if at a later date, and if applicable. There may be legal provisions that require you to keep personal data for a minimum period of time.


All services developed by GoFox - Information Technologies have  by default 1 year warranty from after the date of conclusion, if there is no evidence that there was intervention by third parties or external persons of our company. The same warranty is void once the service ceases to be hosted on the servers of GoFox - Information Technology.

Satisfaction Policy

As satisfaction guarantee you can apply for a provisional access, where you can test our service and find out if it pleases without any more return after the subscription of any service.

All topics mentioned in this document may change without notice, and it is possible to complement this document with new topics and rules whenever we feel necessary.