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Terms and Conditions


GoFox – Unipessoal Information Technologies, Lda. assumes that when purchasing any service provided by GoFox – Tecnologias de Informação Unipessoal, lda., you are aware of and accept the Terms and Conditions published here.




Our hosting services cannot serve as intermediaries in the practice of illicit activities, it is strictly prohibited, in any way, to host xenophobic content, illegal downloads, cracks, serials, trackers, pornographic content and other content that violates the rights of author defined in accordance with Portuguese Law. Under no circumstances may you use our service as an intermediary in the mass sending of emails. It is also prohibited to install TeamSpeak packages or systems on subscribed hosting accounts.

The installation and management of all applications and scripts in your hosting account are the sole responsibility of the customer, and the customer cannot demand that this be done by the technical or administrative staff of GoFox – Tecnologias de Informação Unipessoal, lda .. However, this does not mean that from time to time we cannot support you in small and simple matters. GoFox – Unipessoal Information Technologies, Lda. You may also consider other parameters that go against our policy at any time.

Abusive Use

Whenever GoFox – Tecnologias de Informação Unipessoal, lda. If you notice that your website is jeopardizing the proper functioning of our servers due to excessive consumption of your hosting account, you have the right to suspend it without any prior notice. This measure serves to ensure that our physical resources maintain their stability and reliability. In the event of an attempted overload, abusive use of resources or damage to our servers, we have the right to immediately suspend your hosting account without any prior notice, which may also, in extreme cases, result in its cancellation without any refund.< /p>

The servers of GoFox – Tecnologias de Informação Unipessoal, lda. cannot be the origin or intermediaries in the transmission of "SPAM". "SPAM" is considered to be all unsolicited e-mails whose targets are personal or corporate e-mails, newsgroups or other unauthorized dissemination methods.

If your hosting account is involved in "SPAM" activities, GoFox – Tecnologias de Informação Unipessoal, lda., reserves the right to cancel it, without prior notice and any refund.

Prices and Duration

GoFox – Unipessoal Information Technologies, lda. provides price tables, along with the duration of each service in the respective informative menus and in automatic subscription emails.

After due payment validation, we proceed to activate the requested service and send an email confirming its activation along with the expiration date.

Service Renewal

Notification of payment for renewal of services is always sent by email, a first time, thirty days, a second time, fifteen and a third time, one day in advance of the expiration date, if we verify If payment is not made, your account will be immediately suspended, your account will be deleted and we are not responsible for any loss of data. Although GoFox - Tecnologias de Informação Unipessoal, Lda. is not responsible for keeping backups after the service has expired, it may happen that for safeguarding reasons it does. Replacing backups has associated costs, which vary based on the intervention required.

Migration to servers/third parties

GoFox – Unipessoal Information Technologies, lda. cannot be held responsible for any anomaly detected in its services after migration and/or transfer to servers/third parties.

Rights and intellectual property

GoFox – Unipessoal Information Technologies, lda. maintains all rights and intellectual property over the solutions developed and marketed. Their reproduction and resale is strictly prohibited without prior written authorization.


GoFox – Unipessoal Information Technologies, lda. may suspend any service, whenever this is absolutely necessary or something happens unpredictably or planned. GoFox – Unipessoal Information Technologies, Lda. cannot be held responsible for damages resulting from a break in service and will resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

Any possible infringement of any topic referred to in this document by the subscriber may result in a suspension of the service without any type of prior justification. In cases of greater attenuation, we may resort to legal entities to regularize the situation.

GoFox – Unipessoal Information Technologies, lda. is not responsible for damages caused resulting from force majeure situations. These include any situations of an extraordinary or unpredictable nature beyond the control of GoFox – Tecnologias de Informação Unipessoal, lda.

GoFox – Unipessoal Information Technologies, lda. reserves the right to suspend any service if any of the conditions mentioned in this document are not respected. We are not responsible for any losses or damages caused by the suspension of any service due to non-compliance on the part of the customer.


Payment methods

The payment methods currently accepted are via bank transfer, check or postal order, the subscribed services will be activated as soon as we have confirmation that it has been duly validated. In order for us to validate your payment, you will always need to identify yourself by sending proof via email.

Data Protection

All data provided when subscribing to any service must be true and indubitable. GoFox – Unipessoal Information Technologies, Lda. You have the right to refuse the service if your data is not true and complete. Your data will only be used by the technical staff of GoFox – Tecnologias de Informação Unipessoal, lda. being safeguarded with the utmost confidentiality under GDPR legislation. In no way will they be disclosed to third parties or used for abusive advertising purposes. This data will only be provided to other people for legal reasons or those defined in accordance with the law. You may request the complete removal of this data in writing.

How and for what purposes are your personal data used?

GoFox – Unipessoal Information Technologies, lda. uses the information collected to facilitate customer management, for historical and statistical purposes, legal obligations, service quality control and for future contacts. We use the information collected to adapt our products and services to our customers, to send information and promotions via email, SMS or telephone call. This communication relates to our products or the products of partners with whom we have an agreement and does not constitute a legal or contractual obligation.

There are no consequences for those who do not provide them.

Who is responsible for the information?

GoFox – Unipessoal Information Technologies, lda. is responsible for the collected data that is processed electronically. To guarantee the security of your data and maximum confidentiality, we treat the information you provide to us in an absolutely confidential manner, in accordance with our internal security and confidentiality policies and procedures and we do not share your data with third parties for commercial purposes. There may be automated decisions, such as profiling, in order to better adapt our offer to the needs of our customers based on their interests, services and products purchased.

The data subject may lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority – the National Data Protection Commission.

Who can I contact to access, rectify or delete the data?

Our customers and visitors have different privacy concerns and can review, update and decide what type of data they want to be stored at any time. The person responsible for the data can be contacted directly via email at info@gofox.pt or by mail to GoFox – Tecnologias de Informação Unipessoal, lda., Rua de Fundões nº151, 3700-121 São João da Madeira, to whom you can request the at any time the copying of data concerning you, the withdrawal of consent, rectification, erasure, limitation, portability and opposition to their processing. On our website they can remove the account without any necessary justification. The subsequent withdrawal of consent does not compromise the legality of the processing carried out based on this consent.

How long is data stored?

Personal data is kept until its intended purpose is exhausted, being deleted 2 years from the customer last interaction with our services or products, or, for as long as the customer benefits from any GoFox – Information Technologies service or product Unipessoal, lda., if at a later date, and if applicable. There may be legal provisions that require personal data to be kept for a longer minimum period of time.


All services developed by GoFox – Tecnologias de Informação Unipessoal, lda. They have a 1-year warranty by default from the date of completion of the project, as long as there is no evidence of intervention by third parties or people external to our services. The same guarantee becomes void as soon as the service is no longer hosted on the servers of GoFox – Tecnologias de Informação Unipessoal, lda.

Satisfaction Policy

As a guarantee of satisfaction, you have the right to request temporary access, where you can test our service and check if it satisfies you, with no refunds after subscribing to any service.

All topics mentioned in this document may be changed without prior notice, and it is also possible to supplement this document with new topics and rules whenever we deem necessary.